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Luxury is an exciting and enticing market - but how do you find your way into it? 

Now you have the answer. 

When you sign up with the Helen Cooper School of Luxury you are taking your first step into discovering a world of new opportunities, knowledge, and luxury branding confidence.

The multi award-winning Helen Cooper School of Luxury is the ONLY School in India dedicated to Luxury and Sustainable Luxury, so you know you'll be learning from the best tutors, entrepreneurs, and experts all of whom have real-world experience in Luxury. We are the original 'Green School' for Luxury too, and by focusing on Sustainability throughout our courses we ensure that our students have the knowledge to be part of the solution to climate change through Luxury brands, and not simply add to the problem.

Discover our range of Luxury-specific Programmes and Courses each of which have been carefully designed with you in mind, and written to help you as an entrepreneur (or an employee with an entrepreneurial spirit) learn the essential skills that you will need as you step into Luxury. 

We specialise in teaching practical skills and techniques, and show you how to apply them in your own business or brand scenario. We don't just teach you theories or give you history lessons on western Luxury brands. This is a unique School where we also champion Indian created Luxury brands, helping people like you to learn the branding skills that could help contemporised Indian luxury products become the globally recognised sustainable luxury brands of the future.

Throughout the Programme you will be developing your own business case and brand plan that can help you wow your employers or get you started in your own business. PLUS you will have access to up to 12 months' of top class mentoring from your tutors, so you can keep learning from them even after your course or programme has ended. Your success is our success and we are committed to helping you make the most of your new knowledge, through contacts we can provide or providing straightforward and practical answers to questions you may have.

If you prefer a little 'bite-sized' learning, take a look at the short workshops that we offer on specialist topics relating to Luxury, Sustainability and Business.

All of our Programmes, Courses, and Workshops have certificates awarded, subject to satisfactory completion of assignments.

Luxury is changing. That means there are many more new opportunities for you to become part of it.

So enrol NOW and join the Luxury revolution.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“I've been able to quickly use the methods and knowledge gained through this Programme to grow my client base and attract new ones with a more luxurious proposition.
I would highly recommend this School.” ― AJ
“I've investigated many of the most popular schools and colleges in India but none came close to the personal experience and practical expertise of the Helen Cooper School of Luxury” ― Aleem
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